Life Intuitive Guidance for Healing & Transformation

Life Intuitive Guidance for Healing and Transformation

Life Intuitive Guidance for Healing and Transformation

Hello beautiful souls and welcome to my Ira Portal where I offer  Life Intuitive Guidance for Healing & Transformation

Time to Unlock Your Inner Intuition, Find Clarity and Heal!

Embark on a holistic and transformational experience where ancient wisdom meets contemporary insights. Every session (remote of face-to-face in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney) is crafted to provide emotional, energetic, and spiritual support, guiding you toward a more balanced and awakened life. I use my favourite tools to assist you. My intuitive tarot and oracle decks reading, reiki and my powerful light language are designed to meet your specific needs in a safe and supportive judgement-free environment to help you heal and shed some light on various aspects of your life. 

A few reasons why my clients come to me:

❓Seeking clarity or feeling lost❓

Unlock the wisdom of your life’s journey through intuitive tarot readings. I will channel key messages to guide you.

❓Feeling depleted or blocked❓

Immerse in my Reiki Light Language to unlock your potential, release blocks and restore your energy to heal and align with your highest timeline.

❓Facing big decisions or life transitions❓

Gain valuable perspectives on careers, relationships and major choices. I will reconnect you to your inner-intuition.

Craving a deeper spiritual connection or higher realms 

Explore your spiritual essence through my light language, accessing higher states of consciousness for personal growth.

So… are you ready to embark on this exciting transformative journey?

Book your free discovery call now, and let’s see how I can serve you.

With love and light,
Ira Belle

Showing the High Priestess Card from the Light Seer Tarot deck. Ira Belle is a Galactic Being, a Divine Feminine Goddess guided by the ascended master Isis and the Sophia Dragons helping Gaia to evolve
Ira Light Holistic Medicine Practitioner Services including Intuitive Tarot Reading, Oracle cards reading, life guidance, transformational coaching, channeling, reiki and light language

Why Choose Ira LIGHT?

What's been said about me ...

My clients consistently praise the transformative and powerful nature of my sessions. They really like how my sessions bring positive changes in their life. They appreciate the warm and inviting atmosphere created and the special way I do things like guided meditations before the intuitive tarot readings that give them accurate and heartwarming insights. They also love the added touch of light language sessions, saying it makes them feel happier, energised, and more in tune with themselves. Some of my clients after my light language are speechless as they said they never experienced something quite like that. The personal and caring approach I take in each session is something they value, making the whole experience more meaningful. They specifically mention feeling safe as I hold a supportive space for them throughout the session. My clients express sincere thanks, pointing out the real and unique connection they feel during a session. They say the insights they gain really make a difference, leaving them more centred and clear about things, which brings them a sense of peace. It's worth noting that after the session, most of my clients feel so grateful for the powerful experience that they often express their gratitude with a heartfelt hug. Witnessing their appreciation warms my heart, knowing I've played a part in guiding and supporting them on their journey.
Fully Satisfied Clients

How do I use my cards?

This is my favourite tool to coach and guide individuals. 
I use Tarot and Oracle cards for healing and guidance NOT to predict your future as per se like Mediums do.

Our session will help you explore your inner self, bringing unconscious thoughts, limited programs and old beliefs to light. This will enable you to be more aware and conscious of any given situation you are struggling with.

The meditations I will guide you through, the cards and our deep conversation will help me channel information and messages that you need to hear now for you to heal and grow on your journey.

Beautiful drawing representing a powerful Sirius B Lion including Sacred Geometry. Light Codes and a phrase saying Remember Who You Are. It has a triangle on its forehead representing a crystal way to telepathically communicate with other Galactic being and also a reminder to activate our third eye chakra and to clear all the other chakras (Crown chakra, Third eye, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Sacral Chakra and also Root Chakra

Reiki and Light Language?

For F2F sessions, I offer Reiki to facilitate more healing and help you release anything that no longer serves your body. Additionally, for those who are open to it, whether in person or online, I can introduce you to my light language. 

Light Language is a channeled ancient language that distributes sound and energy to convey messages – interpreted by the heart, and speaks familiarity to your soul rather than to your programmed hearing and brain. This allows you to consume more information in a greater way, by expanding your senses. It awakens and enlivens every part of your being, and is healing for the one transmitting it, and all those who receive it. There is no direct word for word translation for Light Language, as it is a compilation of energy that is forever evolving, and digested quantumly within to be understood. It is about how the transmission makes you feel – rather than how you “think” about the information or the sound coming through.

A result of channeling Light Language is to shift your energy to a higher octave. You can feel this when tuning in.

Reiki bed with tibetan bowl, owl wings and a view of Sydney from Eastern Suburbs close to Bondi Junction - also offer remote energy healing, online session for spiritual guidance

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